The biggest change from the original RBZ clubhead is the loft sleeve which provides the golfer the capability to change the loft of the clubhead approximately 1. TaylorMade states that they improved the aerodynamics of the clubhead to reduce drag to deliver a higher ball speed. Your email address will not be published. Tolerable for sure and while some might not like it there are others that are just the opposite. With the Stage 2, golfers only have a 3-degree range, and no face angle adjuster.

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When the new Taylormade RBZ Stage 2 drivers came in for review, I thought it revew be a lot like last years but with a new paint job. I’ve struggled with this one from the mid to deep rough, basically anything past review taylormade rocketballz stage 2 1st cut I’m probably not going to use this hybrid.

First, a note about the G LST.

The driver is available in either a 9. The loft options are done in white to contrast the black ferrel. Review taylormade rocketballz stage 2 a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Looking to buy another original Rocketballz, shame on Taylormade. The biggest rockdtballz from the original RBZ clubhead is the loft sleeve which provides the golfer the capability to change the loft of the clubhead approximately 1.


TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Hybrid – IGolfReviews

I was hoping to review this club, but saw this review and had to comment. This lowers spin, giving higher-speed players the flatter trajectory they need to maximize carry and roll. Distance up yards… I also had the same experience when using the R1.

The sleeve has been updated to adjust to 12 positions within the window of 1. He arrived at his fitting with a Ping G TaylorMade continues to refine its manufacturing processes to allow a more optimal weight management.

This shaft has been around for a while now, but seems to work best for me. Notify me of new posts by email.

TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Driver: Editor Review

So now when his drives hit the fairway, they will keep rolling. Combine that a slightly higher swing weight, and the design of the club, and the RBZ Stage 2 works to create a moderate draw bias.

I have a swing right around mph with the driver. Did track an fitting today and swing speed consistent mph. A little ambiguous, no? Super low-spin drivers were all the rage at the time.

TaylorMade Rocketballz Stage II Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Mike B May 15, at 8: First the Stage 2 more than certainly lighter than the original Rocketballz driver that I demoed. Both have had head rattles. Please keep us informed like this. The face is done in black and has five scoring lines, or grooves on either side review taylormade rocketballz stage 2 the center of the clubface. His D2 measured Recently, TaylorMade has released two different driver and woods product lines.


review taylormade rocketballz stage 2 Our golf director gave a TM RBZ Stage 2 driver to his 82 year old father and he is has increased his driving distance by at least 10 to 15 yards. The G LST had a loft of 10 degrees, and it was adjusted to 9. The TaylorMade fitters recommended Brian try a shorter driver.

All together the RBZ Stage 2 weighes under g. At my club among golfers who used TaylorMade drivers the Rocketballz ruled over stae R11s by review taylormade rocketballz stage 2 two to one margin. John C Jun 6, at 6: No other group of golfers in the world tests golf clubs as frequently or as extensively as GolfWRX Members.