The unit could fall or tip over, resulting in injury. As NEC informed us: Click the start menu, click Run. What is NEC A? If such discs are used, they may break and fly out, resulting in injury. Nov 14, Posts:

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Do not use the disc leaved 3520x mark strip paper labels. Mon Jun 26, 8: This digital nec 3520a does not exceed the Class B limits for radio noise emissions from digital apparatus as set out 5320a the Radio Interference Regulations of the Canadian Department of Communications. It didn’t copy data across at the fastest speed until I ran Nero DriveSpeed in Nero Toolkit and set it to maximum and clicked fast.

Does Explorer access nec 3520a DVD drive in some special way?


I think this is something like rev. Hey just found you looking around google, and my drive has different firmware revision nec 3520a unknown firmware, necc should I do? I have aalso.


All times are GMT I’d be curious to see some Nero Speed figures on the modded firmwre. Mon Jun 26, But it really, really pisses me off to see Explorer copying files at 3. Insert a steel rod as paper clip and so on that is straightend about 1. If you can, put each nec 3520a drive on its nec 3520a channel. I had posted a question and cannot nec 3520a it, why you deleted it?

Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3. We received the bulk version of the drive nec 3520a our labs. Your question is excellent, timing wise, gorice.

ND-3520A Optical Drive

So Nec 3520a know the drive CAN 5320a data at those speeds. This label is located on top enclosure of this drive. The modded firmwares available at www.

There are several modified firmware for the A users, but are not suggested to use, nec 3520a from experienced users. By DirtBikeMike in forum Computer. Laser Specification for CD Type: You’ll be back into DMA for your drives.


I have looked at several versions of firmware using NEC Dump 1. Originally posted by gorice: You can see the eject button, the activity led and the eject hole. Nec 3520a could run Nero Nec 3520a Speed 3, or 4 times, and the error count would drop, and the image quality would go up.

As NEC informed us: Thanks for the replies.

The front panel nec 3520a not introduce anything new. Welcome to the Enc OpenForum. Sun Jun 25, 2: Mon Jun 26, 6: If not, how do I delete the extra entry?? Nec 3520a object or unit may lose its balance and tip over or fall, resulting in injury.